Long-Range Plan

Strategic Plan 2017-2022


Section One: Planning Summary

The plan set forth contains the service responses, goals and measurable objectives designed by the committee, board and director. This plan reflects the needs of the community tied to a vision of prosperity for the community.

Section Two: Mission Statement

The mission statement remains the same:

The Red Jacket Community Library provides all residents of the Manchester/Shortsville Central School District with a wide variety of programs, resources, materials and services that will meet the community’s need to satisfy curiosity, access information and support formal learning opportunities within a safe and welcoming environment for all.

Section Three: Goals

1. Library Space Utilization

Project Leader: Library Director, Board Members

Purpose: The library administration will look to mold & shape the current library facility in order to provide new programs and services to the residents of the Manchester-Shortsville community. Barriers may exist, and a need for a standalone facility may be necessary in order for the library to completely fulfill its mission to the community. The library administration will research and collect data to see if this is a viable option for the community.

Measurement: The Library Director will survey the community (twice) within this plan’s timeframe to see if/what changes are necessary.

Action Steps:

One: Meet with Interior Designer to evaluate current library status.

– Team – Library Director
– Timeline – 2017/2018

Two: Meet with School Staff and/or Board of Education to review Interior Design recommendations and feasibility of implementation

– Team – Library Director, Library Board, School Staff
– Timeline – 2017/2018

Three: Budget planning with the director, board, and treasurer

– Team – Library Director, Library Board Committee
– Timeline – 2017/2022

2. The library will create a space designated for teens

Project Leader: Library Director and Board Member

Purpose:  To give teens a safe place within the community where they can learn and socialize with their peers.

Measurement: There will be a visible teen space within the library.

Action Steps:

One: Meet with an interior designer to see where/how to construct the space.

– Team – Library Director, Board Member(s), Friends of the Library
– Timeline – 2017

Two: Meet with the library board & treasurer to plan & secure the necessary funding to purchase building materials and equipment for the space.

– Team – Library Director, Library Board, Board Treasurer
– Timeline – 2017/2018

Three- Meet with school personnel to get approval

– Team – Library Director, Board Member(s)
– Timeline – 2017/2018

3. Expand the Library’s Collections

Project Leader: Library Director

Purpose:  The library is in need of a sustainable solution to add materials to its current collections. Library patrons have expressed a need for the library’s collections to grow in order to foster their information needs. The library director will look to purchase more Books and DVDs to supplement our current collections.

Measurement: The library director will increase the purchase of Books by 3% year over year and DVDs 30% year over year.

Action Steps: The library board, director, and treasurer will come up with a funding model that will allow for sustained growth of the collections over the course of this plan.

One: Based on Outcome of Goal One, either work with School Staff to create shelving and storage solutions or work towards moving the library into a standalone facility.

– Team – Library Director, School Library Staff
– Timeline – 2017-2022

Two: Director will purchase shelving for DVDs and Books

– Team – Library Director, Library Board, Library Treasurer
– Timeline – 2017-2022

4. Community Outreach

Project Leader: Library Director

Purpose:  Provide library services that are all inclusive to the community; but especially underserved/underrepresented groups in the Manchester-Shortsville community (seniors, home-bound, poor, home-schooled, general community-patrons/non-patrons, veterans, ESL).

Measurement: The Library Director will hold at least (8) programs or activities/ year that look to serve the above mentioned groups. The Library Director will report back to the Library Board after these specific programs or activities have taken place in order to assess their full impact on the community.

Action Steps:

One: Collaborate with other local organizations to provide needed services, such as the Backpack program with local Rotary Club.

– Team – Library Director
– Timeline – 2017-2022

Two: Provide reading materials to residents of Friendly Village, Pre-schools, Senior Centers, and other groups.

– Team – Library Director
– Timeline – 2017-2022

Three: Work with Town of Manchester & Village of Shortsville to create a community calendar (quarterly) that will serve as a reference for all community activities/events.

– Team – Library Director
– Timeline – 2017-2018


5. Increase Library Access

Project Leader: Library Director, Library Board

Purpose:  Provide greater access to the library’s facility and resources.

Measurement: The Library Director and Library Board will complete at least (1) project/year that will increase patron access to the library’s facility and resources.

Action Steps: Alter the library’s current hours of operation

One:  Increase Hours throughout the week where possible (ex – Sunday Hours).

– Team – Library Director, Library Treasurer
– Timeline – 2017-2018

Two: Increase Internet Bandwidth.

– Team – Library Director, Library Treasurer, Library Board
– Timeline – 2017-2022 as needed based on increased use and current recommendations.

Three: Increase Visibility within the community using signage and other advertising.

– Team – Library Director
– Timeline – 2017-2022


Community Survey May 2016 – Summary Report (PDF)

Prior Long Range Plans