video of WP Media File – JoomUnited plugin problem

9/30 Joom still says it’s not their problem, refers back to their video


9/27 Divi investigated, found the problem went away when the plugin was deactivated. I confirmed: My video:




9/24/2018 response:

Hi. Thanks for your info. I checked but not have a solution now, when I deactivate my plugin, this issue still exist.
It’s a complex issue. To replicate this issue (case deactivate WPMF plugin), please watch my video

9/24/2018 L Schaertl submitted ticket to Joom United:

ticket [#84211947482] – Trouble with Divi Image Module and Upload an Image
WordPress 4.9.8 running Divi theme version 3.15
I have tried with both Chrome and Edge (up to date versions)

Editing a page in Divi

  1. I insert an image module.
  2. In the Divi Image Module Settings, under Image > Image URL I click “upload an Image” (screen shot 1)
  3. That takes me to the “choose an Image” WP Media Folder screen.
  4. I click the “upload files” tab , click “select file”, browse to the file on my hard drive, and click “open”
  5. The new image shows in “attachment details” on the right side, but NOT in the sorter. (screen shot 2)
    1. Hitting “refresh media library” does not do anything.
    2. AND the “set as image” button cannot be selected.
  6. If I close that “choose image” window, Close the divi module, try again – no change.
  7. I have to leave the page I am editing, go to the media library directly, and then I can see the newly uploaded image.
  8. Then if I go back to the page a want to edit, open the image module, upload an image… I can now see and insert the newly uploaded image.

IS THERE A WAY to skip those last three steps? ?